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Craig Saphin Consulting is focused on helping successful founders and entrepreneurs running small to medium size businesses to increase business sustainability and growth. The methodology uses the five pillars:

1. Business Foundations

2. Sales Strategy

3. People and Culture Strategy

4. Strategic Marketing

5. Operational Excellence

On establishment, most successful small business experiences a rapid period of growth. This growth involves supporting a handful of great customers and a suitable amount of profitability. Usually, it also means the founder or CEO is involved in everything. Eventually, a plateau in growth results.

A sustainable and growing business is the aspiration of most founders and entrepreneurs.

Getting back to a growth trajectory is possible for all successful small businesses by leveraging more than 30 years of business experience in Craig Saphin Consulting and applying the five pillars methodology.



Successful businesses rely on talented leaders and visionary leadership teams.

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Highlighting some of Asia Pacific's opportunities for experience & learning focused on business, culture & people.

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